The quality perfume line that contains all
emotions and expressions of the world.
Express your emotions with SCENTSAY perfumes.

Density : Perfume
2.14 fl.oz. e 60ml / 5 types
The step-by-step brightening solution tightens pores, improves wrinkles and soothes
skin with deep hydration. It is composed of Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Emulsion,
Hydrating Cream, and All-in-one Daily Cream. The complete line of these products are easy
to carry on your travels and their rich vitamin contents rejuvenate your
skin with strong anti-oxidation capabilities.
A repair cream that really works to improve your wrinkles. It contains generous
amount of growth factors that actually regenerate skin cells to work against
wrinkles. Most products with growth factors only contain about 10ppm of
growth factors but AQUA CHARGER contains 100ppm of them which is 10 times
more. So, it really does its job right.

BARE – Self Waxing Cream
A self-hair removal cream that lets you remove unwanted hair
easily without pain. Unlike similar products, BARE has low
odor and it is gentle on skin while providing deep hydration.
Fragrance Pharmacy
Enjoy the ultimate aroma therapy with our diffusers that is
made of the purest natural essential oil.
Heal your soul with fragrance – Fragrance Pharmacy

230ml / 50ml / 5ml
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